How long will my delivery take?

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Last Update 3 years ago

You will receive a system confirmation notifying you that the order has been accepted together with an approximate delivery time.

We will try our best to deliver the meal as per the scheduled time/period.


45- to 60-Minutes Tuesday - Thursday

60- to 90-Minutes Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Please note that all of our food/meals are prepared to order. We believe in serving you freshly made dishes .. this takes time .. then the rider takes between 15-20 minutes to reach you.

If it rains there may be a delay in delivering your order, it is dangerous for riders to deliver in the rain. We will inform you in advance of any delays to your delivery if rain or weather interferes with transportation pick-up from our restaurant or enroute to your delivery address.

If you live in distant areas, example Silom, according to Google Maps it takes 20-30-minutes  with no traffic to these kind of areas from our restaurant. We take no responsibility how the food arrives to your delivery address. We pack your meal with utmost care, but with this time period we simply do not know how hot or crispy your food will arrive. Please consider coming to dine-in or pick-up if this matters to you.

If you prefer a fast, pre-prepared meal or microwave heated dish, you should look to somebody else as we take pride in our meal services. We are your best alternative to fast food - real food, prepared fresh ... it takes time from the time you order.

We understand you are chilling at home and cannot see how we may be full house in the restaurant dining room -- likewise the diners inside our dining room do not know that you have ordered your meal -- we prepare all meals in order of receipt -- we respect every single customer no matter you be in your living room or they in our dining room.

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